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Patty Azocar

Patty Azocar lives with Stargardt disease, which causes vision loss. She uses adaptive equipment to keep her independence.

Patty Azocar has Stargardt Disease, a juvenile form of macular degeneration. By the time she was 13, she was legally blind. Patty worked for 10 years as an X-ray technician at Montefiore and South Side hospitals until she left to have children.

Her low vision specialist made her magnifying glasses and contacts that she uses to grocery shop, and Patty uses electronic glasses to see digital appliances, her stove, and her washer.

Patty explains, “the idea is to live with any means we can use to see, until they find a cure for whatever we have. My doctor has done a great job having me function and have a better quality of life.”

View Patty’s profile on the University of Pittsburgh Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center on Wireless Technologies for people with Disabilities website. 

Hear Patty Azocar talk about their experience.

Patty Azocar sits on a black sofa holding adaptive goggles.   Patty Azocar sits on a black softa with a brown dog.  


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