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Shirley Nedzesky

Shirley Nedzesky sits in a wheelchair in front of a table and stove with a black cat on her lap.

Shirley Nedzesky is the director of Patient Networking for MS Insight, a nonprofit that helps people living with multiple sclerosis. Their website's recent content has included legal issues, bladder incontinence, and physical therapy. 

Shirley has a bachelor’s degree in marketing management and her master’s degree in education and previously worked in a Catholic school as a teacher and a youth minster. She was diagnosed with MS in 2003.

Shirley says, “I don’t get to walk like I used to, but I do a lot of virtual reality and PT exercises. I’m in better shape now because of these programs—I’m about 50 pounds thinner, I’m standing up straighter, my core is stronger.”

Some resources Shirley recommends include:

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