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Physical Therapy at UPMC St. Margaret

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Inpatient and outpatient physical therapy at UPMC St. Margaret is part of the UPMC Rehabilitation Institute. We will help you improve your level of functioning as much as possible:

  • In the workplace.
  • On the athletic field.
  • In the home.

Conditions We Treat

Physical therapists treat a wide age range. Impairments treated include:

  • Growth injuries.
  • Orthopaedic injuries.
  • Work-related injuries.
  • Managing arthritis.
  • Effects of aging.
  • Recovering from an injury such as a stroke or automobile accident.


  • Amputee program
  • Balance therapy
  • Blood flow restriction rehabilitation
  • De-weighted walking therapy
  • Industrial rehabilitation
  • Lymphedema management
  • Neurorehabilitation
  • Pelvic health
  • Sports rehab programs
  • TMJ therapy

UPMC Rehabilitation Institute also offers occupational and speech therapy services.


Based on your individualized physical therapy plan, rehabilitation may include:

  • Manual therapy.
  • Thermal agents.
  • Exercise and balance activities.

Your Treatment

During the initial visit, a licensed physical therapist will evaluate your injury or condition and work with you to establish goals for treatment. The experienced staff works closely with your physician in order to provide continuity of care. State-of-the-art equipment allows you to perform highly defined movements and exercises that measure your rehabilitation progress.

Referrals are accepted from medical doctors, podiatrists, and dentists. In Pennsylvania, referrals are not always required for physical therapy. Check with your insurance provider.


Contact Us

UPMC Rehabilitation Institute – Chapel Harbor
300 Chapel Harbor Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15238


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