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Brain Injury Rehabilitation at UPMC

UPMC Rehabilitation Institute has a comprehensive Brain Injury Rehabilitation Program, specially designed to assist individuals who have suffered from either traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) or non-traumatic brain injuries.

Our brain injury rehabilitation experts are highly skilled and respected in their field. We provide care specific to each patient and utilize advanced treatments and research to aid in recovery. Our objective goes beyond addressing immediate needs; we aim to create plans for long-term recovery so patients can return to their activities.

Contact the UPMC Rehabilitation Institute

Contact the UPMC Rehabilitation Institute to learn more about inpatient rehab.

Brain Injury Rehab

Your rehab team at UPMC will work with you to help improve:

  • Speech and language skills
  • Swallowing problems
  • Movement and balance
  • Physical function
  • Skills for daily living
  • Behavioral issues
  • Thinking problems

Your treatment regimen will be tailored to your needs.

Family Involvement

We encourage family members and caregivers to actively participate in their loved one's brain injury rehabilitation process.

Caregivers and family members can play a vital role by:

  • Attending therapy sessions with your loved one.
  • Showing patience with your loved one.
  • Understanding what tasks your loved one can handle independently and where they may need help.
  • Collaborating with health care professionals.
  • Visiting your loved one, participating in activities and meals, and engaging in enjoyable pastimes together.
  • Preparing the home.
  • Prioritizing your personal well-being.

Disorders of Consciousness (DoC) Program

The DoC Program treats people whose brain injuries partially or fully impair their wakefulness and awareness. For instance, a person might have a brain injury from a fall or a hit to the head. Or their brain may not have gotten enough oxygen during a heart attack or drowning.

Our rehab team members focus on each person's unique needs. We use advanced treatments, special equipment, and other techniques to help those with DoC.

The DoC Program is part of the UPMC Rehabilitation Institute brain injury programs at UPMC Mercy and UPMC Williamsport.

Learn about the Disorders of Consciousness (DoC) Program

Our Brain Injury Rehabilitation Experts

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