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Leaving Inpatient Brain Injury Rehabilitation

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There is a continuum of care available for people with brain injuries throughout their recovery and rehabilitation.

Your patient care team at the UPMC Rehabilitation Institute will decide the right time for you to leave inpatient rehabilitation and if you should continue rehabilitation at an outpatient center.

Discharge Planning and Community Re-entry Services After a Brain Injury

Patients and families should start planning for discharge from inpatient rehab as soon as possible.

After discharge from the rehabilitation unit, people with brain injuries often require 24-hour supervision at home. The ability to provide such care may not be within your family’s means.

The UPMC Rehabilitation Institute offers support and management services to:

  • Provide you and your family with solutions or suggestions for home care and supervision services.
  • Connect you with available outpatient rehab resources.
  • Help you have a smooth transition from the hospital to the community.