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Disorders of Consciousness (DoC) Program

The DoC Program treats people whose brain injuries partially or fully impair their wakefulness and awareness.

For instance, a person might have a brain injury from a fall or a hit to the head. Or their brain may not have gotten enough oxygen during a heart attack or drowning.

Our rehab team members focus on each person's unique needs. We use advanced treatments, special equipment, and other techniques to help those with DoC.

The DoC Program is part of the UPMC Rehabilitation Institute brain injury unit at UPMC Mercy.

DoC Program Goals

Our goals are to:

  • Make sure people with DoC receive the right care to reduce the chance of future health issues.
  • Improve your loved one's wakefulness and ability to move and communicate.
  • Teach you and other caregivers how to take care of your loved one.
  • Share knowledge about DoC to doctors and staff, families, and the community.

Who Can Take Part in the DoC Program?

The rehab needs of the people we treat in this program differ from those with standard rehab needs. Our team of experts decides on admission based on each person's complex needs.

People who may be right for the DoC Program are those who:

  • Have had a recent severe brain injury.
  • Are 50 or younger.
  • Are completely or partially unable to be awake.
  • Have family and/or caregivers who are part of the plan to go home.

How Do You Treat Disorders of Consciousness?

The DoC Program treatment includes:

  • Special care plans that involve experts from many health care fields.
  • Meetings, training, and teaching for families and caregivers.
  • Discharge plans for when the person leaves the program.
  • Help in getting the person and their loved ones back to their community.

Contact Us About Our DoC Program

Call 877-287-3422 to learn more or refer someone to the DoC Program.

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