Dynamic Warm-Up for Baseball Players

To prepare for a game, baseball players traditionally warm up using static stretches and short sprints, along with fielding, throwing, and hitting practice.

After the formal team warm-up, players tend to do arm circles, or other exercises, to prepare for more intense movement.

The traditional warm-up for a game takes an hour or more and uses the entire baseball field.

In contrast to a pre-game situation, players participating in showcases and baseball combines have neither the time nor the space for the traditional warm-up.

Because of this, many players fail to warm up properly before showcases, hindering performance and increasing the chances of injury.

Benefits of Dynamic Warm-ups

By using dynamic warm-up routines and exercises, players can be ready to take the field for specific baseball activities, such as throwing or batting.

A dynamic warm-up routine:

  • Gradually prepares the muscles for baseball-specific movements
  • Decreases the chance of injury while enhancing strength, flexibility, and power
  • Increases motor unit recruitment and synchronization, whereas static stretching decreases motor unit function.

Sample Dynamic Baseball Warm-Up Exercises and Stretches

Use this warm-up to get you ready and properly stretch your body, so you can take the field at baseball showcases or combines with less risk of injury.

Arm Swings

  • 5 times forward and backward, both arms
  • 5 times side-to-side, both arms

Arm, Elbow, and Wrist Circles

  • 5 times each direction, both arms

Neck, Trunk, and Hip Rotations

  • 5 times each direction

Leg Swings

  • 5 times forward and backward, each leg
  • 5 times side-to-side, each leg

Prisoner Squats then Skip

  • 10 times
  • 10 yards out and back

Knee to Chest to Lunge to High Knee Skip

  • 5 times each side
  • 10 yards

Backward Lunge with Twist to High Knee Skip

  • 5 times each side
  • 10 yards

Side Shuffles and Carioca

  • 15 yards out and back

Side Shuffle to Sprint

  • 20 yards out and back

After you finish general baseball warm-up exercises, you can prepare for the specific activities you'll be tested on, such as throwing and fielding.

At the conclusion of the showcase, you should do some static stretches to aid in recovery from the day’s events.

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