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Living-Donor Kidney Transplant at UPMC
Living-Donor Kidney Transplant at UPMC

Living-Donor Kidney Transplant at UPMC

Approximately 100,000 Americans are on the waitlist for a kidney transplant.

Living-donor kidney transplant:

  • Helps reduce the shortage of organs.
  • Allows people with renal kidney disease to receive a kidney transplant sooner.
  • Saves lives.

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What is Living-Donor Kidney Transplant Surgery?

There are two options for kidney transplants: living donors and deceased donors. With some kidney transplants, surgeons remove the organ from a deceased donor. At UPMC, we believe in the power of living donation and consider it a first-line treatment option.

During a living-donor kidney transplant, a surgeon will remove a healthy kidney from a living donor — whether a relative, friend, or stranger — and transplant it into the person with kidney failure.

Become a Living Donor

To schedule an evaluation for kidney donation, please complete the “Register to Become a Living Donor” form below, and a member of the transplant team will reach out to you in the near future.

Register to become a living donor.

Connect with a living-donor mentor

UPMC is pleased to offer the opportunity for potential living kidney donors to speak with someone who has already been a living donor. If you’d like to connect with a mentor who can share their personal experience with you, please reach out to Cherie Peters, living donation liaison, at or 412-215-2051.

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Life Changing Is ... A Lifesaving Connection

When his father-in-law David needed a kidney transplant, Ray stepped in as a living donor.

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