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Stephanie B. – Executive Nursing Assistant
Stephanie B. – Executive Nursing Assistant

Life Changing Is … Finding a Family

Stephanie B. – Executive Nursing Assistant

“I always want to be that dependable person.”

Stephanie’s path to working at UPMC began with her own patient experience. She underwent open heart surgery about five years ago, and the care she received made her want to join the UPMC team.

“That was really a defining moment for me that, ‘Wow, life is short, so make every moment count that you have,’” Stephanie says.

Before joining UPMC, Stephanie worked for more than 20 years as a medical assistant. Now, she’s an executive assistant in nursing administration at UPMC Carlisle.

Her job includes many administrative responsibilities, including supporting Mandy Martin, the clinical director at UPMC Carlisle. She also is UPMC Carlisle’s coordinator for the DAISY and BEE awards, which recognize outstanding nurses and nursing support staff.

A registered notary public, Stephanie also sees patients who are signing advanced directives and powers-of-attorney. She takes that job seriously because of the big decisions the patients are making.

“I always want to be that dependable person,” Stephanie says. “I don’t want to let anybody down. If you ask me to do something, I’m going to follow through with it.”

When she was a patient, Stephanie felt a family atmosphere at UPMC. And that feeling is even stronger now.

“I feel like these are my sisters that I’m working with because we take care of each other,” she says. “I really like the feel of Carlisle because we’re such a small community hospital. So, when you’re walking down the hall, everybody knows everybody.”

Stephanie is known for her dedication, hard work, and willingness to help with whatever is needed.

“This is my forever home now,” she says.

At UPMC, Life Changing Medicine means finding a fit for yourself.

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