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Tess Napierkowski, BSN, RN – Emergency Department Nurse
Tess Napierkowski, BSN, RN – Emergency Department Nurse

Life Changing Is ... Being a Positive Force

Tess, BSN, RN – Emergency Department Nurse

As an Emergency Department nurse, Tess faces challenges every day of her job: “You meet people on the worst day of their lives,” she says.

But Tess doesn’t back away from challenges; she’s there to help the patients through their own situations.

As a nurse, Tess tries to keep her patients informed about what’s happening and to give them choices in their care.

“You don’t know a person’s life completely,” she says. “You only see one little snippet. It’s not my place to tell a person to get a surgery or to do a treatment. It’s educating them and supporting their decision.

“I think what nursing is mostly about is advocating for your patient.”

Tess wants to continue to learn and grow to help her patients. She took a class to become a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE), helping to provide the most sensitive care for people in need. She also previously worked as a travel nurse for five years.

She continues to make patients her biggest commitment every day. At UPMC, Life Changing Medicine means making a difference in any way you can.

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