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FAQs About Orthopaedic Surgery Student Rotation at UPMC in Central Pa.

What is an audition rotation?

This is an opportunity for the student to rotate through the program and see everything it has to offer. It is also an opportunity for the faculty and residents to personally work with the applicant over a 2-4 week period of time. This gives both the student and the program the ability to become acquainted and learn about one another.

When is the audition rotation season?

Our audition rotations begin in July and ends in December.

Do you offer 2 week or 4 week rotations?

We offer both, however, a 4 week rotation is HIGHLY recommended.

How far in advance can I schedule an audition rotation?

You may schedule as far in advance as you like.

When do you start accepting elective rotation applications?


Does your program require USMLE scores in addition to COMLEX?

No we do not, either/or are accepted.

Is there a minimum COMLEX score and/or USMLE score required for an audition rotation?

Yes. The minimum COMLEX score is a 550 and the minimum USMLE score is a 235. You are not required to have both. Scores are only required for audition rotations, you do not need to send them for elective rotations.

When do you typically hold interviews?

November to January

Do you offer an orthopaedic fellowship?

We do not at this time.

Where do I apply for a rotation?

Click here for both elective and auditions rotations.

After submitting your application, please email copies of your COMLEX and/or USMLE scores, and a copy of your CV to the orthopaedic surgery program coordinator, Carlin Luz at

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