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UPMC Stories: Physicians

Learn more about our physicians and clinical team at UPMC.
Dr. Emery has blue eyes and brown hair and wears a white lab coat with a blue collared shirt underneath, and an orange and blue checkered tie.

Meet Stephen P. Emery, MD

Maternal Fetal Medicine expert. 
Dr. Emery's Story.

Dr. Ferris wears a white lab coat with a blue collared shirt underneath, and a white, dark blue, and red diagonally striped tie. He wears square glasses and has brown hair.

Meet Robert L. Ferris, MD, PhD

Immunotherapy expert. 
Dr. Ferris' Story.

Dr. Hogan wears his surgical cap and scrubs. He has thick rimmed square glasses and brown eyes. He is smiling and has a black beard.

Meet MaCalus V. Hogan, MD

Orthopaedic Surgery expert. 
Dr. Hogan's Story

Dr. Okonkwo smiles while wearing a lab coat. He is tan with brown hair and brown eyes.

Meet David O. Okonkwo, MD, PhD

Neurosurgery expert. 
Dr. Okonkwo's Story.

Dr. Peitzman sits in a library wearing a white lab coat, white collared shirt, and a gray tie. He has sharp features and a graying moustache.

Meet Andrew B. Peitzman, MD

Trauma Surgery expert. 
Dr. Peitzman's Story.

Dr Sarkaria wears his surgical cap and a white lab coat. He is tan with dark eyebrows and dark brown eyes. He smiles and has thin, oval glasses.

Meet Inderpal S. Sarkaria, MD

Thoracic Surgery expert.
Dr. Sarkaria's Story.

Dr. Wenzel wears a lab coat and a turquoise sweater. She has blue eyes and short red hair with bangs that are cropped around her ears.

Meet Sally E. Wenzel, MD

Pulmonology expert. 
Dr. Wenzel's Story.