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Breast Health Services at UPMC Chautauqua

3D Mammography (Tomosynthesis)

UPMC Chautauqua is the first hospital in the region to offer 3D mammograms. Tomosynthesis is able to provide improved image quality and increased accuracy in detecting breast cancer by taking images from multiple angles. A tomosynthesis mammogram takes only a few seconds longer than a traditional mammogram, a difference that most patients do not notice.

Benefits of Breast Tomosynthesis (3D Mammography) include:

  • Earlier detection of small breast cancers that may behidden during digital mammography.
  • Fewer unnecessary additional tests.
  • Greater likelihood of detecting multiple breast tumors.
  • Clearer images of dense breast tissue.

To schedule your yearly mammogram today, call 716-664-8448.

Breast MRI

UPMC Chautauqua offers a comprehensive array of breast health services including breast MRI exams.

MRI imaging of the breast is performed to:

  • Identify early breast cancer not detected through other means, especially in women with dense breast tissue and those at high risk.
  • Evaluate abnormalities detected by a mammogram or ultrasound.
  • Distinguish between scar tissue and recurrent tumors.
  • Determine whether cancer detected by mammogram, ultrasound, or after surgical biopsy has spread further in the breast or into the chest wall.
  • Assess the effect of chemotherapy.
  • Provide additional information on breast cancer to make treatment decisions.
  • Determine the integrity of breast implants.

To schedule a breast MRI exam, call 716-664-8674. Please note that a physician's order is required for this MRI exam.

Navigating Patients Every Step of the Way

Whether you are scheduling your first mammogram or need follow-up testing after your screening, UPMC Chautauqua's certified breast patient navigator will walk you through all of the steps and help you through the entire process.

Our certified breast navigator coordinates the educational and supportive needs of our patients who seek breast healthcare. Our breast navigator's primary role is to assist you through the imaging process and ensure that you receive timely results. They follow you from your initial mammogram, ultrasound, and biopsy to surgical treatment and care and they assist in handling your concerns such as insurance or transportation.

For more information about our breast navigation program, call 716-664-8301.

Breast Health Navigator Services

Whether you are scheduling your first mammogram or need follow-up testing after an abnormal screening, UPMC Chautauqua's Certified Breast Patient Navigators are here to help you every step of the way.

To access the UPMC Chautauqua Center For Imaging Breast Navigation Program, call 716-664-8163.

The UPMC Chautauqua Center For Imaging, designated a Breast Imaging Center of Excellence by the American College of Radiology's Commission on Breast Imaging, helps woman navigate the breast health process.

During the breast imaging navigation stages, the breast patient navigator guides the patient through the breast imaging process so patients receive exam results, scheduled for appropriate follow-up care or scheduled for their next routine exam. Breast Cancer Patient Navigators help patients who have a suspicious finding receive resolution through diagnosis and treatment, eliminating barriers to care, assisting with follow-up appointments and help move patients through the care delivery system.

How Our Breast Health Navigators Can Help

  • Follow you from their initial mammogram, ultrasound, and biopsies to surgical treatment and care, if needed,
  • Help patients receive timely results,
  • Assist with barriers to care that may keep patients from receiving care including:
    • Transportation
    • Financial assistance
  • Assist with navigating services at UPMC Chautauqua