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School Testimonials for the Crisis Training Institute

"When our district was looking for a program to train our staff, we found Comprehensive Crisis Management at UPMC and resolve. The program is all inclusive and helps to train staff for things to look for before a student goes into crisis. It is proactive, but also trains participants on what to do in the event that they must be reactive. I highly recommend the program!"

— Assistant Principal

"The Comprehensive Crisis Management program has had a huge impact on our school district. It has allowed the staff to feel more comfortable dealing with the special needs population. The program has way of helping school personnel, from the principals to the custodians; understand the "why" of behaviors. I have been in the special education field for almost 20 yrs and this program is by far the most teachable and realistic one."

— Emotional Support Teacher

"I like how CCM focuses on de-escalation strategies to prevent a crisis. Compared to other programs CCM interventions are simple and this can be helpful in a crisis. In addition, CCM utilizes proactive strategies in relation to the least restrictive model. "

— Behavior Specialist

"From my perspective, I would say that after participating in a number of other Crisis Intervention Programs, Comprehensive Crisis Management is the program that I have found to be the most preventative and proactive in nature. A great deal of time is spent on teaching strategies that prevent crisis situations from happening. Another aspect of CCM that stands out from others is the fact that time is taken to discuss strategies for staff self-care. CCM recognizes that crisis situations affect all parties involved and that in order to effectively help others, staff members must first be able to take care of themselves."

— Teacher

Note: These results may not be representative of all similar cases.