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​Spinal Cord Injury Outcomes

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Many persons with spinal cord injury (SCI) improve in both overall health and function after their initial injury. Over time, it is expected that you will either stay at the same level of functioning, or improve. Should you notice a decline in your function, or your overall health, it is important to make an appointment with your spinal cord injury physician as soon as possible.

Impairments in your physical functioning may be caused by:

  • Limited range of motion
  • Spasticity
  • Weakness

Depending on your individual impairments, you may have limitations in your ability to perform basic day-to-day activities such as taking care of yourself or getting around and your ability to participate in leisure interests may be more difficult. Despite your disability, it is important to find ways to engage in your interests or hobbies and interact with your family, friends, or other people with common interests.

Being an active participant in activities that you enjoy can enhance your quality of life. The activities you choose will likely be impacted by:

  • Activities in your community
  • How you get around
  • Where you live
  • Your personal preferences

Environmental factors may also contribute to your leisure activities, but regardless of your interests, it is important to find ways to enjoy life.

Expert Care for a Brighter Outlook on Living

If you've had a stroke, transplant, or severe injury, inpatient physical rehab can help you restore function.

The UPMC Rehabilitation Institute offers expert inpatient and transitional rehab care for a range of health concerns, including:

We can start your rehab while you're still in the hospital.