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Late Life Depression Prevention and Treatment Center

The University of Pittsburgh’s Late Life Depression Prevention and Treatment Center is dedicated to the development and effective prevention and interventions in late-life mood disorders and grief for adults of all ages.

Under the direction of Jordan F. Karp, M.D., the center conducts research studies in depression treatment and its prevention among adults. Working closely with primary care physicians, rehabilitation specialists, and community mental health providers, the center aims to advance the field of late-life mental health and reduce the burden of late-life depression.

The center develops clinical strategies to:

  • Prevent depression in later life
  • Develop treatment strategies to achieve full recovery
  • Improve early recognition and management of treatment resistance
  • Maintain treatment response
  • Minimize residual disability and cognitive impairment
  • Improve quality of life in elderly persons afflicted with depression
  • Improve transfer of good treatment practice to primary care and long-term care

Through the center, older adults are evaluated by a team of experienced psychiatrists, psychologists, nurses and social workers dedicated to the development of effective interventions in late life mood disorders.