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Caregiver Support Group Locations

Caregiver support groups allow you to be in a group setting to discuss and share your caregiving experiences, find support, and listen to others facing similar situations.

In this section, you will find contact information for each group. Before joining a support group for the first time, it is suggested reaching out to the facilitator or location to double check if any details have changed or so you can be alerted if an emergency arises. Some facilitators like to learn about new members ahead of their first meeting so they can prepare a welcome packet, notify the group of a new member, and in general to learn more about their caregiving role and journey.

Our goal is to continue to keep these listings up-to-date and accurate. However, groups and their details may change over time. UPMC and UPMC Senior Services do not assume any risk for your use of this search tool or the website.

Choose from the various health conditions below to see if there is a caregiver support group local to your area:

Having trouble finding a support group?

If you are unable to find what you are looking for, please contact UPMC Senior Services at 866-430-8742 or We will do our best to check for a support group that will meet your needs and is located close-by.