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Life Changing Is … Calming Nerves

Lynette D. – Access Lead

“We do our absolute best to make them feel as comfortable as possible.”

Lynette D. – Access LeadTransplants are a life-changing experience for patients, and Lynette plays a key role in the process. She schedules patients for liver and kidney transplants, as well as for the UPMC Center for Liver Diseases (CLD).

She started her career at UPMC working the front desk of the CLD before moving to scheduling, where she’s worked for the last seven years.

Lynette and team work together to ensure transplant patients feel comfortable and get everything they need.

“I spoke with a young woman who needed a kidney transplant recently. She has young kids and began to cry while on the phone with me,” Lynette says. “I just spoke calmly to her, showed empathy, and let her know she would be in very good hands. I did everything I could to calm her nerves and assist her.”

Patients who need a transplant come to UPMC from all over the country and all over the world. Lynette’s team is often the first contact they have when they come here.

“Many are scared or nervous, so we do our absolute best to make them feel as comfortable as possible, listen to them, and give them any information they may need,” she says. “All of the staff are really here for the patients. We do our best every day to assist them, make them feel comfortable, and get them what they need. That is why we all come to work every day.”

At UPMC, Life Changing Medicine means providing patients comfort and support.

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