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UPMC Harrisburg Cardiovascular Disease Fellowship Program

The Central Pa. division of the UPMC Heart and Vascular Institute (UPMC HVI) has been serving the community's cardiovascular care needs for well over four decades. We are comprised of over 5 dozen providers spanning the breadth of cardiovascular care to include:

This group brings a wide breadth of experience, knowledge, and background that will serve to mentor and foster the growth of future cardiologists and leaders in the field.

Graduates of the UPMC Harrisburg Cardiovascular Disease Fellowship will first and foremost be outstanding providers. This will come about through exposure to a broad pathology of disease and treatments both medical and invasive, with all the tools that a diagnostician needs to get there. A graduate of our program will feel ready from day one of practice to tackle any clinical challenge in a systematic and collaborative fashion.

This clinical focus will be supplemented by many opportunities for research. Each fellow will be expected to complete a research project under the mentorship of a faculty member, in line with each fellow's career goals. UPMC HVI has had the honor to provide our patients transformative care through numerous worldwide, multi-center trials - many of which we have been the leading enrollers.

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Christopher Jacobs
Fellowship Program Coordinator