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After Your Stay at UPMC Passavant

Following your stay at UPMC Passavant, some of our other services may be useful.

Rehabilitation and Long-Term Care

Not all patients are able to go home right away after their hospital stay at UPMC Passavant.

Some may require inpatient or outpatient rehabilitation through the UPMC Rehabilitation Institute to continue their recovery.

Learn more about:

Should you need other care after you leave us, we offer:

Home Care and Medical Equipment

Scheduling Follow-Up Appointments

After you leave the hospital, your doctor may want you to have additional tests or exams as part of your ongoing medical care.

UPMC Passavant offers convenient options to schedule many of these needs.

Just call Central Scheduling at 412-664-2273 to make appointments for:

  • Laboratory tests
  • Medical imaging (x-rays, CT scans, MRIs)
  • EKGs
  • Non-invasive cardiology (stress tests, echocardiology)
  • Pre-op testing

For post-operative follow-up, please call 412-748-6570.

Billing Information

Your hospital bill will include charges for your room and all services that your doctor ordered.

These services may include:

  • Tests and procedures
  • Medicines
  • Therapy
  • Surgery

UPMC Passavant will send your bill directly to your insurance company or the state or federal agency that covers the cost of your hospital stay. 

We ask that you assign benefits from your insurance company directly to the hospital. The final responsibility for any hospital bills belongs to the patient. 

Billing Questions

We are here to help with your billing questions and concerns. Please call UPMC Patient Financial Services Center or UPMC Customer Service or visit our Paying My Bill site to learn more about the services we offer, such as payment plans, price estimates, and Financial Assistance.

  • UPMC Patient Financial Services Center: 1-800-371-8359
  • UPMC Customer Service: 1-844-591-5949

Interested in Joining Our Patient and Family Advisory Council?

You can share your recent hospital experiences with us by applying for our Patient and Family Advisory Council. By becoming a member of our Patient and Family Advisory Council, you will represent the voice of our patients and their family members.

Your feedback will be used to work with our doctors, nurses, and hospital leaders to help improve patient and visitor experiences.

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