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​Our Experts at the Center for Liver Diseases

Our Physicians

Ramon Bataller, MD, PhD Ramon Bataller, MD, PhD
Chief of Hepatology

Jaideep Behari, MD, PhD Jaideep Behari, MD, PhD

Kapil Chopra, MD Kapil Chopra, MD

Andres Duarte-Rojo, MD, PhD

Michael Dunn, MD Michael Dunn, MD

Swaytha GaneshSwaytha Ganesh, MD

Naudia Jonassaint, MD Naudia Jonassaint, MD, MHS

Shahid Malik, MD Shahid Malik, MD

Alex Myint, MD

Mordechai Rabinovitz, MD Mordechai Rabinovitz, MD

Vikrant Rachakonda, MD Vikrant Rachakonda, MD

Shari Rogal, MD, MPH Shari Rogal, MD, MPH

Obaid Shaikh, MD Obaid Shaikh, MD

Our Practitioners and Nurses

  • Anjouli Dapice, PA-C
  • Patricia Gironda, MSN, CRNP, CNS
  • Lauren Hoffman PA-C
  • Susan (Alise) Guerra, RN
  • Heather Lees, BSN, RN
  • Regina Krejdovsky, MSN, RN
  • Joy McGough, RN
  • Hannah Muehl, PA-C
  • Megha Patel, BSN, RN
  • Barbara Philage, RN
  • Lori Pommer, BSN, RN
  • Doris (Dodie) Roll, MSN, RN
  • Marcia Ruane, RN
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