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Services We Offer at UPMC Digestive Health Care

Find "one-stop" access to highly skilled specialists who treat all types of digestive conditions and disorders.

UPMC Digestive Health Care consists of seven cooperative, specialized programs — each offering services tailored to the needs of people with different digestive diseases.

UPMC Center for Liver Care

  • Seamless care from onset to advanced-stage liver diseases.

UPMC Inflammatory Bowel Disease Center

  • Expert treatment for the whole spectrum of IBD — from the physical symptoms to the mental and emotional impacts.

UPMC Center for Intestinal Health and Nutrition Support

  • Around-the-clock nutritional support for adults and children suffering from gastrointestinal (GI) disorders.

UPMC Center for Women's GI Health

  • Personalized GI care to meet a woman's unique needs.

UPMC Gastrointestinal Cancer Prevention and Treatment Center

  • Cutting-edge research and the latest methods for proper diagnosis of GI cancers.

UPMC Neurogastroenterology and Motility Center

  • Holistic treatment for GI illnesses related to functional, motility-based diseases.

UPMC Pancreas Center of Excellence

  • Well-rounded expert care and advanced treatments for pancreatic and biliary diseases.

In addition to providing expert care, our team of specialists explore new and better ways of caring for people with digestive disorders and diseases.