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Deb E. – Food Services Team Leader
Deb E. – Food Services Team Leader

Life Changing Is … Being Part of a Team

Deb E. – Food Services Team Leader

“A little bit of appreciation or just a thank you goes a long way.”

Deb is a team leader in Food Services, but she puts the emphasis on “team.” Every person works together to make sure the job gets done right.

“Our team works really, really well together,” she says. “I can ask any of my team members to do anything, and there's no hesitation in it. So, we do tend to work well as a team.”

In her role, Deb is responsible for making sure trays get assembled right, include everything that patients ordered. Hosts then deliver the food up to the patient rooms in a timely fashion.

The teamwork results in a better patient experience.

“At the end of breakfast, we have a huddle every day and we go over wins,” Deb says. “I know we've been getting a lot of compliments from a lot of the patients saying that the food is really good and they got everything they ordered. So that’s a shout-out to the hosts and a shout-out to my team for making the food presentable and that it tastes good.”

Deb and her team are serious about getting their jobs done, but they also have fun while working. They joke around and keep the attitude light, lessening their stress.

As a team leader, Deb also is responsible for being a good manager. She helps the other members of her team when they’re having trouble inside or outside of work. She also makes sure to let them know she appreciates their hard work.

“A little bit of appreciation or just a thank you goes a long way,” she says. “And so I try to make them feel wanted and feel needed and appreciated for what they do every day.”

At UPMC, Life Changing Medicine means working together as a team.

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