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Atrial Fibrillation Clinic at UPMC Heart and Vascular Institute at UPMC Hamot

Atrial fibrillation (AFib) is an erratic heartbeat that affects more than 2.7 million people in the United States.

UPMC Hamot provides expert care for people with AFib. Our clinic is part of the UPMC Heart and Vascular Institute at UPMC Hamot.

Our AFib clinic team includes:

  • Cardiologists
  • Heart surgeons
  • Advanced practice providers

Refer a patient to the AFib Clinic at UPMC Hamot

To refer a patient, call 814-877-1342 (1FIB).

Our address:

UPMC Heart and Vascular Institute at UPMC Hamot
120 E. Second St.
Erie, PA 16507

What We Offer at the AFib Clinic

  • Outpatient follow-up for ER visits.
  • Consults and referrals from the ER and primary care doctors.
  • Diagnostic tests and screenings.
  • Patient and family resources.

AFib Treatments at UPMC Hamot

Our experts assess risk early in your AFib diagnosis to provide the best treatment plan.

Treatments for AFib include:

  • Lifestyle changes.
  • Medicine.
  • Cardioversion.
  • Heart device implants, like pacemakers and defibrillators.
  • Surgery, both open and minimally invasive.
  • Heart cath treatments, including ablations.

WATCHMAN™ Heart Implant Device

UPMC Heart and Vascular Institute at UPMC Hamot was the first center in Erie to offer WATCHMAN.

The one-time heart implant helps reduce the risk of stroke in people with AFib not caused by a heart valve problem. It can help prevent blood clots from moving to the brain and causing a stroke.

What to expect during your WATCHMAN implant

Your surgeon will implant the quarter-sized device in the left atrial appendage (LAA) of your heart. More than 90 percent of stroke-causing clots form in the LAA.

The minimally invasive surgery lasts about one hour, which means you can likely go home the next day.

Our AFib Experts