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Specialty Services at the UPMC Center for Women's GI Health

The UPMC Center for Women's GI Health provides gastrointestinal (GI) care that is personalized for the needs of women.

By centering our care on the Magee-Womens Specialty philosophy, we empower women to make educated health choices.

Leading-Edge Tools for Diagnosis and Treatment

Our doctors use the latest technology for diagnosis and treatment of GI illnesses in women.

This includes:

  • Capsule endoscopy — a tiny, wireless pill that takes pictures of your digestive tract.
  • InterStim® therapy — a surgically implanted device that uses electrical stimulation to treat urinary and fecal incontinence.

Magee Infusion Center

Patients receiving biologic therapies for Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis, among other disease and conditions, may receive infusions at this center.

Specialization in Fecal Incontinence in Women

Fecal incontinence is significantly more common in women than in men. That's because the weakening of the pelvic floor as a woman ages contributes to the muscle damage that causes fecal incontinence.

We provide treatment that addresses the unique anatomical causes of this problem in women.

GI Support During Pregnancy

Pregnant women who suffer from inflammatory bowel disease, gallbladder disease, acid reflux, and constipation often experience a flare-up of symptoms due to hormonal changes.

We work side by side with a pregnant woman’s obstetrician to provide care that supports her unique GI needs.

Support For Women After Bariatric Surgery

Doctors at the UPMC Magee Digestive Disorders Center work closely with bariatric surgeons to treat the GI difficulties that can often follow these procedures.

We help women return to digestive health and ensure they are receiving proper nutrition.

Research on IBD and Sexual Dysfunction

Studies have documented a connection between IBD (inflammatory bowel disease) and sexual dysfunction, which affects women at a higher rate than men.

Our experts have been involved in research to uncover the causes of this connection.