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Why Choose UPMC's Emergency Medicine Residency Program in Central Pa.?

Abhishek Patel, MD

"I chose UPMC Harrisburg because I knew the end goal after finishing my residency would be to work in a community setting, so I was looking for a learning environment that would most closely replicate that setting. Since working here, my decision was only reaffirmed my decision as the attendings are easy to work with on and off shifts, didactics are tailored with resident input, and the faculty is committed to our wellbeing during our training period. Even though residency at baseline is difficult, it was important for me to come to a program that aligns with my own interests, rather than pursuing a program for its name and so far, I have not regretted my decision."

Austin Tam, MD 

"I chose UPMC Harrisburg because being a member inaugural class, I can shape the culture of a brand new program from the very beginning. I am helping foster a residency environment that is cooperative and synergistic by promoting strong bonds both in and out of the ED."

Matthew Myers, DO 

"I chose UPMC Harrisburg because I've grown up in central Pa. my whole life and wanted to stay in the area. I also spent my 3rd and 4th year of medical school doing my core clerkships at UPMC in central Pa. and fell in love with the health care system. The attendings are fantastic to work with, and the nursing staff is top notch."

Fernando Sinaloa, MD 

"The reason I chose UPMC for my Emergency Medicine Residency was, in part, because it was a new program allowing myself and my fellow residents the opportunity to help mold the residency into the type of program we wanted it to become. I was also drawn into the fact that once you sign-up to take care of a patient, that patient becomes your responsibility. The attendings were so willing to let you be as autonomous as you wanted to be, and I felt as though this type of education through action was what would help me become the kind of emergency medicine physician I strive to be."

Mohit Kochar, DO 

"I am thrilled to have matched at UPMC Harrisburg. for my emergency medicine residency! The program was the first EM rotation of my fourth year, and I could not have asked for a better experience. I felt immediately welcomed by the faculty and ED staff from my very first shift. The enthusiasm for starting a new EM program here by Dr. Kochert and Dr. Wyatt was palpable. I was amazed by the flow of the ER with the amount of volume and pathology that comes through the doors. All of the attendings are excellent to work with for both their teaching and mentorship. As a resident, I truly appreciate the culture the program leadership is creating for us. Not only do they value our learning both on and off shift, but also making us into balanced, well-rounded ER docs. In addition to the great educational opportunities here, you can't beat the central Pa. region for its combination of gorgeous scenery, low cost of living, outdoor activities, chill lifestyle, and ideal location to quickly access so many major cities. Definitely come check us out for your EM training!"

Jeffery Hillam, MD

"Why did I choose UPMC Harrisburg? No competition for procedures/good cases, attendings act as my senior residents/mentors, and the opportunity to establish a resident focused culture."

Patrick McGuire, MD

"I was drawn to UPMC Harrisburg by the faculty physicians. Their vision and obvious dedication to making this program a success was apparent from the moment I arrived for my interview. The energy and excitement that I experienced from everyone involved with this program was unlike any other I had felt during my interview season. In addition, I was looking for a family friendly community for my daughters. Harrisburg provides a unique mixture of city life and outdoor activities. My family and I love traveling and being in the outdoors. Living in this area gives you the opportunity to experience some of the most amazing places this country has to offer without having to drive too far. I am thrilled to be to doing my emergency medicine residency at UPMC Harrisburg."

Jessica Morrison, MD

"I came to UPMC Harrisburg for the opportunity to help shape the culture of a new program."

Syed Jaffrey, DO

"I chose UPMC Harrisburg because I instantly connected with the faculty. They wanted to teach and made sure I understood their thought processes on how to care for our patients. The program leadership really goes above what I expected to make a pleasant environment, and I look forward to coming to work every day."

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