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Emergency Medicine Residency Program Curriculum at UPMC in Central Pa.

The rotations for UPMC Harrisburg's Emergency Medicine Residency Program include:

Emergency Medicine Residency Curriculum Chart

EM - 1 year
EM Orientation- 4 weeks
Emergency Medicine at UPMC Harrisburg- 24 weeks
MICU at UPMC Harrisburg- 8 weeks
Anesthesia/Ultrasound- 4 weeks
OB- 4 weeks
Peds Emergency Medicine at Penn State Hershey- 4 weeks
Inpatient Pediatrics/NICU at UPMC Harrisburg- 4 weeks

EM - 2 year
Community EM at UPMC Community Osteopathic- 4 weeks
Emergency Medicine* - 28 weeks
EMS, including opportunity for flight medicine - 2 weeks
Selective**- 2 weeks
Trauma at Shock Trauma- 4 weeks
PICU at UPMC Harrisburg- 4 weeks
ED Observation- 2 weeks
Street Medicine (community outreach) in Harrisburg, PA- 2 weeks
Elective- 4 weeks

EM - 3 year
Emergency Medicine* - 36 weeks
MICU at UPMC Harrisburg - 4 weeks
Trauma/EM at UPMC Presbyterian in Pittsburgh - 4 weeks
Elective- 4 weeks
ED Administration- 2 weeks
Selective**- 2 weeks

*Mixture of EM shifts split between UPMC Harrisburg (75%), UPMC Community Osteopathic (23%), and Penn State Hershey Peds ED (2%)
**Selective opportunities include: Addiction Medicine, ED U/S, Sports Medicine, Urgent Care, Palliative Medicine, Forensic Medicine, Research/PI

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