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Process Overview

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The team at UPMC Hamot Bariatric Surgery and Weight Management Center will be there to guide you the whole way through the surgery process, from initial consultation through support groups after surgery is completed.
Step 1: Attend a new patient seminar led by a bariatric surgeon to discuss surgical weight loss options, the risks and benefits, and who qualifies for weight loss surgery.
Step 2: Attend small group session with nutritionist. At the conclusion of this session, you will receive: pre-surgical education, blood work order, chest x-ray order, EKG order, and ABG order. You will also receive an appointment date and time for a one on one session with the surgeon.
Step 3: Attend one on one consultation with the surgeon. The surgeon will order all remaining preoperative testing and will discuss what surgical option will best suit you.
Step 4: Attend at least three bariatric support groups. (This can be done at any time throughout the process.)
Step 5: Complete work up (preoperative testing, psychological evaluation, nutrition evaluation, and monthly diet documentation). Schedule a surgical clearance visit at UPMC Hamot Bariatric Surgery and Weight Management Center.
Step 6: Upon receiving notification of insurance approval, a surgery date and final office visit date (to sign consent forms) will be scheduled by the bariatric surgery scheduler.