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Internship Opportunities at Erie Psychological Consortium

Erie Psychological Consortium’s internship is built upon the premise that intensive, experiential training with all age groups, by employing a variety of treatment modalities, under close clinical supervision, will facilitate the process of integrating psychology theory and findings into practice. The experiential training model is designed to develop a professional, generalist practice psychologist.

EPC recognizes the rights of interns and staff to be treated with courtesy and respect. Interns are an integral part of EPC’s overall operations and work in tandem with physicians, psychiatrists, psychologists, nurses, therapists, and social workers. Professional ethical standards are modeled, taught and upheld by EPC Staff.

Interns are provided with an EPC Phone/Email/Beeper List by which they can access EPC Staff. Should an intern have difficulty accessing a staff, a SHBH Administrator is on-call and available 24-hrs, 7-days-per-week.

All EPC Staff support and encourage interns in their successful completion of the internship (and their doctoral program) through the training and supervision program established by EPC.

The multidisciplinary setting of EPC provides many opportunities to observe the professional development of interns. In addition to the provision of direct clinical services, the interns collaborate with other disciplines while rendering services. This provides ample opportunity for interns to demonstrate professional growth and intermediate to advanced levels of professional psychological skills, abilities, competencies and knowledge.

View the Internship Program Admissions Document (PDF)

View the Student Handbook (PDF)

Requirements for Completion 

During the training year (2,000 hours), interns will be expected to:

  • Maintain a therapy caseload of approximately 8-10 individuals
  • Facilitate a minimum of 2 groups per week
  • Complete a minimum of 1 psychological battery per month
  • Complete a minimum of 2 psychosocial/intake assessments per month
  • Participate in a minimum of 4 hours of supervision/consultation per week – of which 2 will be individual face-to-face supervision made up of:
    • EPC Program Director, Doctoral-Level Supervision
    • NPA Primary Supervisor, Doctoral-Level Supervision NPA Meeting with Neurologist/Neurology Resident Supervision
    • Encompass Health IDT Meetings with MD/Neurologists/Psychiatrists
    • Encompass Health Site Case Supervision, Doctoral-Level Supervision
    • SHBH Site Therapy Case Supervision, Doctoral-Level Supervision
    • SHBH Psychological Testing Supervision, Doctoral-Level Supervision
    • SHBH Therapy Team Staff Meetings, Doctoral-Level Supervision
    • Training/Presentations/In-Servicing Given
    • Training/Presentations/In-Servicing Received

Interns will be rated mid-year and at the end of their internship year using the Psychological Trainee Competency Assessment Form

At mid-year evaluation, all competency areas will be rated at a level of competence of I or higher. No compe-tency areas will be rated as R or E. If any area is below I, the respective primary supervisor will work with the EPC Director and Intern to follow the Intern Performance Problem Policy to develop a plan of remediation and/or explore termination from the internship program.

Interns must maintain at least an 80% level of competence of HI at the end-of-year evaluation to be considered for successful completion of the EPC Internship

Interns are expected to completed at least 6 community presentations.