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Psychiatric Consults and Psychotherapy at the Department of Family Medicine

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Some behavioral health challenges require the expert input of a professional psychiatrist.

At UPMC, our family medicine clinics have ready access to board-certified psychiatrists — often at the very same office where you see your doctor.

We can work with you to figure out what things should be treated with medicine or surgery and what things should be treated with behavioral health approaches.


Psychotherapy is a particular type of treatment a psychiatrist provides for some types of mental illnesses.

Psychiatrists at our family medicine health centers can provide this type of therapy to those who will benefit from it.

With certain kinds of psychotherapy available in our health centers, our professionals can work with you to meet both your mental and physical health needs in a coordinated and convenient way.

Make an Appointment Today

If you're concerned about your mental health, please contact a family medicine clinic today and make an appointment with one of our psychiatrists.