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Our doctors and care teams provide prenatal care and labor and delivery care to pregnant women.

We deliver babies at UPMC Magee-Womens Hospital a state of the art hospital with all of the technologies and systems to make child birth safer for you and your baby.

In addition to taking care of pregnant women, family medicine doctors care for the baby after delivery and after the baby has been discharged.

How Family Medicine Doctors Differ from Obstetricians

We can provide care of your general health before and after pregnancy. We can also take care of your baby after he or she is born, both in the hospital's nursery and after you take your baby home.

We do not perform cesarean sections, but if you need a cesarean section we will work with an obstetrician to coordinate your care.

Contact Us

If you are pregnant or considering becoming pregnant, it is important to have prenatal care. Contact us at one of our family medicine locations to schedule an appointment.

Other Pregnancy-Related Services Provided

The Department of Family Medicine is happy to provide two special pregnancy-related services:

  • Doula service — A Doula is a lay person who helps a mother from the prenatal period all the way through Labor and Delivery. A Doula is trained to help support the mother through the complex, stressful process of having a baby.
  • Nitrous oxide analgesia during labor — Nitrous oxide (laughing gas) is used in much of the world to help women through labor. It has a long history of use by many people. Family Medicine doctors have worked with the anesthesia team to develop a system for safely using nitrous oxide during labor.

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